Ginger Green Is Absolutely Mad For Birthdays! (Mostly)

Author: Kim Kane
ISBN: 978-3-7605-0105-1
Category/Topic: Friendship, Feelings, Problem Solving, Resilience, Coping With Change
Age Range: 6-9 years old

Description of the Book

Ginger Green is turning eight and she's having an exceptionally royal princess party. There will be crowns, a fancy castle cake, and even sparkle slime! However what will happen when Crazy Maisy, and No-Pants Penny get out of control?



The reflective questions are focused on the book. The activities can be done without having read this book.

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Activities in the bundle include:

  • Reflective Questions
  • Activity 1 - Helpful Thoughts and Behaviour
  • Activity 2 - Role Play
  • Activity 3 - Being A Good Friend

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