Cyber Friend?


Author: Erainna Winnett
ISBN: 9780615907727
Category/Topic: Cyber, Friendship, Behaviour, Bullying
Age Range: 8-12+ years old

Description of the Book

Olivia and Grace are friends, however when Olivia accidentally hurts her friend’s feelings, Grace takes out her frustrations online. Olivia isn’t sure what to do about cyberbullying, and when others start laughing at her other something Grace posted, she runs away crying. What will she do?


The reflective questions are focused on the book. The activities can be done without having read this book, except for Activity 1 – Drawing.

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Activities in the bundle include:

  • Reflective Questions
  • Activity 1 – Drawing
  • Activity 2 – Brainstorm
  • Activity 3 – Plan

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