Author: Ed Vere
ISBN: 978-0-241-33033-3
Category/Topic: Manners, Communication, Behaviour, Feelings, Sharing
Age Range: 2-6 years old

Description of the Book

Getting what you want can be tricky, especially if you don’t ask in quite the right way. Follow one little monkey’s journey through many emotions as he tries several tricks to get hold of his friend’s banana. What will happen?



The reflective questions are focused on the book. The activities can be done without having read this book, except for Activity 1 – Thoughts.

The price includes access to all the activities in this bundle for this particular book. Please note, the price does not include the book. Books can be purchased via the Booktopia link below.

Activities in the bundle include:

  • Reflective Questions
  • Activity 1 – Thoughts
  • Activity 2 – Manners
  • Activity 3 – Brainstorm

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